Tips for Finding The Perfect Neighborhood

A neighborhood can have a big impact on your lifestyle or investment.

Here are some things to consider:


Determine if it is close to your favorite spots.

Make a list of the activities - movies, health club, dog parks, church, etc., you engage in regularly and

stores you visit frequently. See how far you would have to travel from each neighborhood you’re

considering in order to engage in your most common activities.


Check out the school district.

This is especially important if you have children, but it also can affect resale value. Multiple entities

can provide information on test scores, class size, percentage of students who attend college, and

special enrichment programs. If you have school-age children, visit schools in the neighborhoods

you’re considering.

Neighborhood Watch

Find out if the neighborhood is safe.

Consult with the police department on neighborhood crime statistics. Consider not only the number of

crimes but also the type - such as burglaries or armed robberies- and the trend of increasing or

decreasing crime. Also, is crime centered in only one part of the neighborhood, such as near a retail



Consider appreciation.

Ask your REALTOR® for information on appreciation trends for the neighborhood. Although

past performance is no guarantee of future results, this information may give you a sense of how

good of an investment your property will be. A government planning agency also may be able to tell

you about planned developments or other changes in the neighborhood - like a new school or

highway- that might affect value.


Make personal observations.

Once you’ve narrowed your focus to a few neighborhoods, go there and walk around during

the week and weekends and different times of day/evening. Are homes tidy and well maintained? Are

streets quiet? How does it feel? Chat with the neighbors.